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Higher Education

Higher Education

The Challenge

The University system engaged with another implementation partner to build an IAM solution to replace homegrown tools and systems. After 1 year of not being able to provide value, This university system engaged with us to determine if the project was savable.


The Work

Identity Works LLC oversaw the design, development, testing and rollout managing records in 6 different Active Directory domains along with 7 other industry specific target systems. This was a complex project which spanned 4 different universities within the university system. The project was completed on time and on budget. We staffed this project with 2 resources for the entire duration.


The Results

The project was completed on schedule and on-budget, meeting or exceeding all goals initially set out for the program. Identity Works LLC additionally trained 4 different teams of internal developers, which now allows them to be self-sufficient and able to extend the functionality of the platform. We still provide support to them; however, it is rarely required, and we are generally only called in to advise on new architectural requirements or design decisions.


Lessons Learned

Frequent communication and design checkpoints with the four member universities ensured we arrived with a design that worked for all parties. Early and frequent communications with DBA’s and Network team can be key (several problems with the network topology were discovered through the course of the project). Simultaneously developing long term strategy / solution while delivering quick wins early on helped rehabilitate the image of the IAM program and drove institutional acceptance and support.

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