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Reference Architecture and 2-year Sailpoint Identity IQ Implementation Roadmap.

The Challenge

The company in question provides Information Technology services to several sister companies. As a part of their service offering, they host a Sailpoint IdentityIQ system to manage, maintain and certify access across the enterprise. They had already implemented some basic Identity Management functions; however, they were not happy with the work that was performed by another vendor when the system was stood up. They also felt that they had not met a proper return on investment and wanted to expand on the capabilities of the platform.

The Work

Identity Works LLC was selected as the vendor of choice and performed the following activities:

  • Performed an overall health check of their existing platform. This included an analysis of infrastructure, network, database and application configuration. The result of the health check was a list of items which should be remediated to improve the overall platform. This included closing several security vulnerabilities, code optimizations, and recommendations for improving the overall architecture.
  • Interviewed all key stakeholders to determine the following:
    • Identify the features/functions that work well today
    • Identify areas for improvement
    • Identify new features and/or functionality which will provide business value back to the organization
    • Determine feasibility of new features and/or functionality
    • Determine any dependencies between work streams
    • Identify changes to business process that would be required
  • Developed a reference blueprint architecture for the future state IAM platform
  • Developed a 2-year road map for Identity related initiatives
  • Developed a detailed implementation plan for the next 12 months

The Results

The work resulted in the creation of a 2-year road map and detailed implementation plan for the next 12 months. This resulted in an implementation project which is currently being executed. Our client has already seen an improved return on investment and a more visible view into who has access to what, and how they obtained that access.  This project was completed on time, and under budget.

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