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Higher Education

Higher Education

The Challenge

The University had taken on an initiative to replace their legacy homegrown IGA platform with an off the shelf product. They engaged with an implementation partner, however after 2 years of effort, they were had made very little progress.


The Work

Identity Works LLC was asked to come in and perform an assessment of the projects health. The general recommendation from that engagement was to reboot the entire project. The project went out to a competitive bid process, and Identity Works LLC was selected to perform the implementation. Identity Works re-designed, developed and implemented the solution for over 100,000 end-users.


The Results

The project was completed in under 2 years and under-budget. Meeting or exceeding all goals initially set out for the program. Identity Works LLC was able to accomplish this with 2 resources, where-as the previous vendor had a whole team out there for 2 years and never made it to production. Identity Works LLC also led a training program internally to ensure that the University was self-sufficient in maintaining the system.


Lessons Learned

After a lengthy failed attempt by a previous integrator, many system owners were caught off guard by the pace of the progress. Preparing stakeholders for the pace of the implementation became a priority. During data analysis it was discovered that many data quality issues existed. Good data is vital for a successful IAM implementation. Proactive monitoring of data sanity was built into the solution to prevent common data related issues.

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