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Professional Consulting Services

We provide expert level Implementation Services of commercial off the shelf Identity and Access Management software, including full implementation,

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"Identity Works has been an integral partner to the design and implementation of Oracle Identity Manager. Their collaborative approach and knowledge support the project's success."

Paul DeMello

"Identity Works provides us with tools and guidance that are key to realizing our Oracle Identity Manager implementation. Their deep product knowledge, experience, and especially their appreciation of the complex identity environments for Higher Education, set them apart.  Identity Works demonstrate their value at every interaction and we regard them as true partners in our work - they're not trying to sell us stuff, their quality work product does all the selling for them."

Michael Gettes

"The University of Minnesota selected IDW to design and implement our identity solution. The IDW team was responsive to our needs and the solution was delivered within the scope that was defined. They were able to adapt well to the changes in the scope of the project within a timely fashion."

Brandon McHugh
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